The Nine Sisters of San Luis Obispo

The Nine Sisters of San Luis Obispo, CA

One of the most amazing natural wonders of San Luis Obispo are the Nine Sisters or the Morros.

The amazing mountains are a chain of nine volcanic mountains and hills in western San Luis Obispo County, central California.

They run from Morro Bay east through San Luis Obispo.

The peaks were created over 20,000,000 years ago during the Miocene Epoch of the Neogene Period, as volcanic plugs of magma which welled up and solidified inside softer rock which has since eroded away. The highest plug is Bishop Peak at 1,559 feet (475 m).

As you can imagine their volcanic origin makes them of significant geological interest. They are popular with photographers and rock climbers.

Each of the Nine Sisters

The peaks in order from Morro Bay to San Luis Obispo including their height.

Morro Rock 576 feet (176 m)

Black Hill 665 feet (203 m)

Cerro Cabrillo 911 feet (278 m)

Hollister Peak 1,404 feet (428 m)

Cerro Romauldo 1,306 feet (398 m)

Chumash Peak 1,257 feet (383 m)

Bishop Peak 1,559 feet (475 m)

Cerro San Luis 1,292 feet (394 m)

Islay Hill 775 feet (236 m)

The Nine Sisters of San Luis Obispo

The Nine Sisters of San Luis Obispo

Living with Such Natural Beauty

We love the SLO area and want to share it with everyone.

Living in this amazing town has so many advantages for the young and the elderly, the Nine Sisters is just one natural feature we would love to share with you.

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