“Eric and Carrie are THE BEST! Professional in every way, well-connected, detail-oriented, they represented our interests and advised us wisely, watching every aspect of the process to the very end. We couldn’t be more pleased. Never have I had a more excellent experience selling (or buying, for that matter) a piece of property. True professionals!” -A.P.

“Eric and Carrie Kimmell strike me as some of the most competent and compassionate professionals in this business. Their care and concern for the client is exemplary and beyond the call of duty. Have an architectural background and a love for land and home – they bring an added edge that i RARELY find in other real estate professionals and realtors. Their love and knowledge of San Luis Obispo is also stellar. Whether you are buying, selling, investing, purchasing a luxury home or moving into the area, they are the de facto realtors to use. I highly recommend them both!” -S.B.

“Eric and Carrie Kimmell are by far the best realtors we have worked with on the Central Coast! They are top-notch professionals that really understand their trade. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking to buy or sell real estate in the area. They are an impressive team!” -K.R.

“Eric and Carrie Kimmell stand far above any other real estate agent we have every worked with. First, they are truly focused on customer value. We had a long and complicated listing (the house had to undergo a substantial renovation while it was listed.) And not once did they put pressure on us to lower the price to sell the house more quickly. On the contrary, they advised us to stick to our guns even though this meant a longer time on the market and more work for them. And they were right- in the end we got our price. Second, they are a great team. Eric and Carrie have complimentary skill sets and they coordinated closely together to handle everything that came up professionally and efficiently. Finally, Eric and Carrie are simply fun to work with. They maintained good cheer through all of the twists and turns of the process. Throughout it all, we were glad to rely on their professionalism, skill, integrity and kindness. Without a doubt, we will contact Atlas Real Estate and Investment next time we buy or sell property. Thank you Eric and Carrie!” -J.C.

“Eric and Carrie are top-notch and I highly recommend them and their team. Eric and Carrie are friendly, reliable, and give valuable, honest advice during the sale or purchase of a home – they helped us with both. Their calm but prompt demeanor aid in the process of a big life purchase and we were confident they had our best interest in mind.” –K.C.

“Just bought our first house and used Carrie and Eric. They are wonderful to work with. They helped us through every aspect of the process and went above and beyond to get us the perfect house. We looked for several months and we were ready when the perfect place came on the market and Carrie and Eric acted quickly to help us get the house. They are knowledgeable, friendly, very responsive and they genuinely want to help you with your real estate needs.” -M.B.

“I’m no real estate transactional expert, but Eric and Carrie Kimmell made for the most pain-free experience we’ve ever had. They have a great bedside manner in explaining the process and were conscientious in following-up, without provocation, during the entire contract period. I would hire them again in a heartbeat.” -J.D.

“Eric handled the sale of my property in an extremely professional manner. One of my “hot buttons” is when a person says they will do something and then don’t do it. Not a problem with Eric. He always came through and did what he said he would do. He is a good listener and is also very knowledgeable in the real estate transaction process. He was always easy to reach and followed up quickly to every need or question. My expectations are pretty high, and Eric met and exceeded every expectation. He will be the first and only call I will make the next time I need the services of a real estate professional.” -D.J.

“I really can’t give higher marks to our experience with Eric and Carrie selling our rental home. We had an honest discussion about how to price the home and in the end, came within 4% of the asking price, with some great terms from the buyer. Throughout the process Eric and Carrie were very communicative and timely about informing us of what we needed to know. They worked with us in getting creative with the buyer to assure a win-win for both sides, which I’m sure helped expedite the close which was fast and uneventful. I highly recommend working with them on any real estate transaction. They know the market and how to work with people to get things done.” -W.S.

“My wife and I met Eric at a home showing about a year ago, and immediately decided to go with Eric and Carrie as our agent for home purchase. We were impressed by Eric’s knowledge and experience with the local market. We had a very specific home in mind and we searched for almost a year. Eric and Carrie supported us in finding the right home. They were flexible to support showings with little notice and they guided us throughout the process without pushing us in one direction or rushing us. We always got immediate and helpful responses to all of our phone calls and emails throughout the home buying process. Eric and Carrie are knowledgeable, trustworthy, and considerate. I would highly recommend either one as an agent to anyone!” -S.W.

“As an out of town buyer I was very impressed with how smoothly Eric made this process. Eric did a great job negotiating a fair purchase and paid close attention to details that could have gone bad.” -J.H.

“I have to give Eric and Carrie an A+ for a job well done. When shopping for a Realtor I was extremely cautious because we wanted someone to represent us not just win another listing. They exemplified their knowledge and expertise along the way. Both Eric and Carrie are truly experts in their field. Great Job!”

“It’s been great to work with an aggressive, outside of the box, creative, business team who’s not afraid to get it done!” -W.S.

We Found the Perfect Agent(s)

Published in RE Technology Magazine, August 2012
By Emily Youngman

When I last posted about My Tech House Hunt, we’d decided to temporarily put it on hold. However, with the stork circling above us and our new arrival due in less than 2 months, we’re realizing that getting some extra space might just be a priority once again. Thankfully, we’ve finally found the right partners (yes, that’s plural) for our journey. So, without further ado, I’m picking up this column with an ode to our perfect agents!

My last article about picking an agent was more about questions than answers. This article is going to be the opposite. We have found the answer to the “how do I pick an agent?” question. And that answer actually comes in the form of two people: our wonderful husband-and-wife team, Eric and Carrie Kimmell.

Meeting Eric and Carrie was strictly a matter of luck and coincidence. However, once we met them, choosing them to help us in our house hunt was easy. Why? Let me count the ways:

1) They understand our priorities.
We’re a young, married couple with a baby on the way. They are a young, married couple with a 2-year-old. They’ve leveraged this understanding to help us in our real estate journey. For instance, I wasn’t sure about how kid-friendly a certain property was going to be; so, when we went to look at it, Carrie and Eric brought their adorable little boy along with them and let him cruise around to see how he interacted with the property.

My intuition was right – the house had too many stairs and too small a backyard (covered mostly in cement) to be great for kids. Would I have realized this without watching their child explore the property? I’m not sure. As a first-time parent, I feel completely clueless 90% of the time. (I’m told this is normal.)

2) They’re honest.
At the property I just mentioned, Eric and Carrie cared more about what was right for us than about the sale. I asked Carrie what she thought of the property and she said, “I’ve been worried about my little boy the entire time we’ve been here. As a mother, I can’t imagine living here without feeling nervous. I believe we can find you something better.”

2) They’re flexible and accessible.
This is one of the greatest things about a husband-wife team. If Eric isn’t available, Carrie is – and vice versa. It means there’s never a delay in responding to our phone call or email – and scheduling showings is a breeze.

3) They exert ZERO pressure.

Eric and Carrie have showed us several properties now and, at each, they provided the relevant background information (complete with a CMA), then stood back and let us explore. When each of these properties wasn’t right, there was zero pushback. Instead, they used what we liked and didn’t like about each property to help them make better recommendations.

4) They understand the local market, right down to the neighborhood level.
After several showings and many conversations, Carrie and Eric totally dialed in to what we’re looking for. They know which neighborhoods can deliver on our criteria and which cannot.

Wish Us Luck
We’ve got a showing scheduled for tomorrow. Wish us luck!

Read more of what our clients have to say…

“With Eric’s help we were able to buy a dream vacation home in Cambria. We live in Stockton so buying a home ‘long distance’ was a concern. However Eric made the process seamless and kept us up to date every step of the way.” -R.M.

“Eric Kimmell handled our transaction in a very professional and constructive manner. His attention to detail and follow through were unusual compared to numerous other real estate agents we have worked with over the past 38 years. I would recommend him highly to anyone who wants to employ a real estate agent on their behalf.” -J.M.

“We enjoyed working with Eric and Carrie immensely. They are very knowledgeable about the Central Coast. Eric’s degree in architecture and experience in construction management are assets especially when considering a property which requires renovation. They are detail oriented and immediately responsive to any concerns/questions.” -P.L.

“Eric and Carrie were extremely helpful and available for us during our purchase of an REO property. Carrie identified our dream home, a property that was not even on the market. They answered our numerous questions about the process and were very patient. They were available after normal business hours and kept us informed through emails and phone calls. We would highly recommend the Kimmells to anyone who is purchasing property.” -G.P.

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